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Gaetano Leto – SKDUN

Gaetano Leto

Gaetano Leto

Country director for Switzerland
+ 41 34 445 22 10
+41 79 692 74 57

Born in March 1959 in South Italy.
Lives in Switzerland since 1963.

Graduation: 8th Dan

Instructor A / Examiner A / Referee A (07.07.13)
Expert + S (kids, youth + sport)

He began with Karate-Do in March 1974.

In 1980 he opened his own Karate school and he is the founder of the Fudochikan.

He was successful in more than 200 tournaments national and international.
Swiss-champion/SKF, several times Italian-champion, European-champion
and finally World-champion/IKA individual and team in 1991in Brisbane (all in Kumite).
More experience in Judo, Kick-Boxing, Kyokushin-Kai-Karate, Krav Maga Selfprotect, Aikido

All Dan exams were held by the following karate teachers:
Kase Sensei, Asai Sensei, Yahara Sensei, Abe Sensei

Honor: 8. Dan Sport School Shared Education, U.P.K.L, Brüssel, 17.02.2019
8. Dan IKA International Karate Association, 26.02.2019

Guest in different dojos abroad to give training or to train himself.

Karate-Do Fudochikan Kirchberg/Burgdorf