Georgina Putt

Georgina Putt

Affiliation officer, Public relations and marketing officer, Shadow board chair
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I started karate in 1979 at the age of 14, in one of the first clubs in, what was then, Czechoslovakia. There were not many girls practicing karate and for a long time my sister and I were the only females in the dojo, I remained training there until 1987 and attained the rank of 3rd Kyu. During this period I had 2 years out to raise a family.  I had a successful competition career up to that point.

The club during my time out changed their direction focusing on sport kumite and adults only, so when my boys were old enough, I enrolled them into another dojo where I continued to train and study the art of Karate and participate in competitions.

I moved to the UK in pursuit of my nursing career, I started training with sensei Colin Putt in 2000, taking the examination and gaining Shodan in 2003.

I started my own club in 2007.

I have been fortunate to have trained with many renowned Japanese instructors such as Kagawa, Kawasoe, Mori, Namiki, Saito, Kato and Abe. During a visit to Japan and training at the JKA headquarters I trained with Naka and Hanzaki.

I have also trained with many International Instructors such as Rick Hotton (USA), Ferenc Juhasz (Hungary),  Lachezar Nenov (Bulgaria), Serge Trappeniers (Belgium).  Dan gradings have always been with a panel of Internationally recognised senior grades.  

Since moving to the UK I have been heavily involved in the Shotokan Karate Do of United Nations (SKDUN) both as a successful competitor and supporting the Executive Board of Directors as a non executive board member, Affiliations Officer and supporting tutor for the SKDUN Referee and Judges courses.

I gained judge/referee qualification and I am International Grade A qualified since 2012. I have been actively participating, set up and started the SKDUN Working group to support the Executive Board.

My current rank is Yondan.