Luminita Patru

Luminita Patru

Member of Technical committee

1987 – Started to study karate

1994 – Passed examination for 1st Dan

1991 to 1997 – Won medals in national and international karate competitions

1995 to present - Martial arts (karate) coach at C.S.Aiko Bucharest.

The main activities and responsibilities : Training planning and scheduling, training  groups of athletes for initiation and performance, educational activity within and outside the sports activity, in camps, team building, coaching, assistance in competitions.

2001to present - Martial arts referee within the Romanian Martial Arts Federation, and  international referee S.K.D.U.N.

2003 to present - Second coach of the national karate SKDUN  team, in  the Romanian Martial Arts Federation

2006 to present - Second Coach of the Martial Arts Department at C.S. Dinamo Bucharest

2014 to present - President of the College of Coaches within the SKDUN Karate Department of the Romanian Martial Arts Federation, Bucharest

Current karate grade - 6th Dan

Mrs. Patru holds these qualifications and awards:
2013-2018 Doctoral studies, UNEFS (National University of Physical Education and Sports)) Doctoral School Bucharest
2012-2014 UNEFS Master's degree studies Bucharest
Subjects studied and skills acquired: Management of sports organizations, Management of sports competition, National and international structures in sports, Policies and legislation in sports, Design and management of sports events
2012-2014 Diploma of psycho-pedagogical studies level II, DPPD –UNEFS  Bucharest.
2014 Coach promotion exam – master coach, National Center for Coach Training and Development, Bucharest.
2012-2014 Doctoral scholarship holder in the project "Pluri and interdisciplinarity in doctoral and postdoctoral programs" project co-financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013, Priority Axis No. 1, Education and training in support of economic growth and development knowledge-based society '', Major Area of ​​Intervention 1.5 ,, Doctoral and pot-doctoral programs in support of research ''.
2012-2013 Professional classification certificate, martial arts coach specialization. CNFPA, Bucharest.
2012  (16th of JanuaryThe conferment by the President of Romania of the "Sports Merit" Medal  in class I - as a sign of high appreciation of the outstanding results, for the dedication and the fair play spirit through which Ipromoted the values ​​of performance sports and Romania's image in the world.
2009-2012 Bachelor's degree in physical education and sports - Sport and motor performance - UNEFS Bucharest.
 Assistant coach, specialization -Fitness.
2009-2012 Diploma of psychopedagogical studies level I, DPPD - UNEFS Bucharest.
2006 Licensing of the International Kata / Kumite Referee, level  A - examination and assessment by the Technical director/Chief referee of the Shotokan Karate Federation - Do of the United Nations
2002 Passing exam for coaches second category coach (senior coach), National Center for Coach Training and Development, Bucharest.
2001 Emeritus Coach - Ministry of Youth and Sports
1994-1995 Coach training course, CNFPA - Bucharest.
1986-1991 Agronomic engineer at "Nicolae Bălcescu" Agronomic Institute, Bucharest, Faculty of Agriculture - specialization Plant Protection. Diploma.
Subjects studied: Mathematics and biological statistics, Botany, Tractors and agricultural machines, Phytotechnics, Experimental technique, Elements of accounting and financial control, Management of agricultural units, Marketing, Agricultural law and legislation, Pedagogy.
Mrs. Patru speaks Romanian, French and English language