Tomasz Byjos

Tomasz Byjos

Country director for Poland

Tomasz Byjos
Born in 1968 in Sosnowiec (Poland), living in Strzemieszyce

Grade: 6 Dan Shotokan Karate (2013), chief examiner Giuseppe Beghetto 8 Dan (FILLKAM) and
commision Polish Karate Federation, 3 Dan Ryu Kyu Kobudo (1999), chief examiner Krzysztof Piech 6

Start of Karate training: 1979 Kyokushinkai, 1983 Shotokan.

Member of Polish Karate Federation of since 1983, member of GKDF (associated with WKF) since
2001, member of WTKA since 2006, member of SKDUN since 2010,

I started Karate training with my brother Andrzej in 1979 and together we follow the Karate-Do
route to this day. I started training with Karate Kyokushinkai, but when in 1983 I saw how Shotokan
players move, it was love from the first moment and that's how it is today. In 1992, in my hometown
of Strzemieszyce, I opened the "BUSHI" Dojo, which in 1996 changed its name to RONIN. In 2004, I
opened a professional Dojo of the RONIN club in Dąbrowa Górnicza, in Dojo there are four training
rooms, prepared for the Japanese / Okinawan style, where everyone has the comfort of professional
training in very good conditions. Currently, it is one of the best Dojos in Poland.
In 2003, for my sporting achievements, I was awarded the title of Resident of the Year "Dąbrowski of
the Year 2002" and the "Silver Strzemia" statuette by the inhabitants of my hometown for
promoting abroad.
From 1992 to today I am the main trainer at the Ronin Club, I graduated from the University of
Physical Education in Wrocław and received the professional title of Karate Trainer.
From 1984 I was a member of the Polish Karate Association, from 1993 to 1999 I was a member of
the Polish Jujitsu Association. I have been associated with the WTKA organization since 2006. In 2010
I also made contact with the stylish organization Shotokan SKDUN, since 2001 also the Global
Karate-Do Federation (associated with WKF).

Judicial powers:
-WTKA International (current)
-Jujitsu (up to 1999)
-WKF (until 2004)

Sport achievements:
-11 times medalist of the Polish Karate Championships
-4x medalist at the Jujitsu Polish Championships
-10 times medalist of the Karate and Kobudo World Championships
-5 times medalist of the WKF International Championships Australia and others
-11 times medalist of other European professions
in 2003 during the European Championships in Frankfurt am Main I was chosen the best coach
I finished my sports career in 2004 during the International German Championships (Munich) where
I won 4 competitions and became the best player. In 2020 by winning 6 times 1st place, I was
recognized as the best player of the WTKA Karate&Kobudo World Championships, which took place
in Canada. In 2020, I also won the WUKF European Cup competition.
I participated in sports competitions in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Organizational achievements:
Since 2000 I have been the organizer of the Ronin Cup competition (15 editions). In 2014 I was the
organizer of the SKDUN Shotokan World Championships (1300 competitors) and in 2018 I organized
the SKDUN European Shotokan Championships (980 competitors).