Mahalakshmi Varun

Mahalakshmi Varun

Country director for India and Asia

It is with deep sorrow that after the demise of Master Rajendran on 13th May 2017, who had played a major role in developing Japan Shotokan Karate Federation in India, I took over the organization as chief instructor of JSKIF.

Since childhood I have been trained under Master Rajendran, and after by Namiki Sensei and other senior International Shotokan Instructors.

I received my Shodan and Nidan Black belt in 2000 and 2006 respectively under Rajendran Sensei. Later under Namiki Sensei in 2011 and after an intense grading examination I received my Sandan .

During this time, I was fortunate to attend many of his seminars for 6 consecutive years, this is where I developed a keen interest to learn more of the art and way of Shotokan Karate.

Initially after I took over the organisation, I found it quite difficult to fit into the place where Rajendran Sensei was, he was well known as an instructor and a sports person in India and had a good reputation so a difficult position to fill. I gained the courage and confidence to continue in the same way as my sensei, I knew I had good basic knowledge about karate technique and an insight to the advanced levels and I had to develop myself and the organisation as it was his dream.

When I contacted Sensei Colin Putt and Sensei Aurel Patru, they helped me in getting back to SKDUN and from then I didn’t have a single moment where I looked back at my fears. Sensei Colin Putt along with Sensei Jirina Putt have guided me through the past years. I have been privileged to be a part of this organisation and have gained valuable insights from many senior International instructors.  

With the faith and support from all people around me, during these years as a Karate Instructor, I have trained many students in different esteemed universities in Bangalore.

I have taught and guided students to many successes and wins at International, National and State level securing many medals and accolades.

Our organisation has the support of the media who have always been encouraging towards us, with our articles being published every time we win.

A memorable moment was when our team had appeared in the 25th SKDUN World Championships in 2017 held in Eger, Hungary on October 2017 when I was responsible for, trained and guided the team to win Gold and Bronze medals. The Indian Ambassador in Hungary appreciated my efforts to raise awareness and improve the standard of Karate in India and invited me for a tea and a meeting after the championship.

On October 3rd 2018,I was nominated for and awarded State Kempegowda position by the Karnataka government.

Recently I have been appointed as the chairperson of the Women Grievance Committee of Bangalore District Association which has responsibility for many instructors from different organizations.

Also, I am affiliated with the Karate Association Of India, and been certified as Coach and Referee Judge B by the Referee commission of Karate Association Of India, which is affiliated with the Indian Olympic Association.

These small achievements have been useful in conducting classes in various reputed institutions. I am happy to be a motivating force amongst for many women. I am gaining and improving my knowledge by attending seminars conducted by instructors from other nations.

Further, I feel complete now that I hold the position as an affiliated Member and Country Director for India of Shotokan Karate- DO of United Nations (SKDUN).