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Milorad Copic – SKDUN

Milorad Copic

Milorad Copic

Vice President & Country director for Serbia


- born:  23.07.1966.
- rank:  5. Dan
- country: Serbia
- started practicing karate 1982
- president of Shotokan karate international Serbia
- president and coach of karate club ‘Enpi’ in Subotica
- organizer of Super Enpi cup – one of the largest karate tournaments in Europe

My first club was Knešpolje from Bosnian Dubica. I started practicing karate in 1982 with great coach and man Milan Burazor absolute champion of Yugoslavia in 1978 and the best student of Sensei Tokuhisa Takashi. Later, I had the good fortune to work and learn from the best coaches in our area: sensei Tokuhisa Takashi, Rajko Radulović i Dušan Dačić.

Club that I run – Enpi, in last 10 years, was the best karate club in different few federations. In private business I own the company that manufactures equipment for martial arts and manufactures sports trophies.