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Rita Barczi – SKDUN

Rita Barczi

Rita Barczi


Rita Barczi 4th dan

Started studying karate in 2001 under sensei Bela Levai in Maklar, Hungary. From September of that year she also attended training in Eger under the instruction of sensei Ferenc Juhasz. She received her 1st Dan in December 2006 under sensei Safar Laszlo. She was elected as the member of the Disciplinary Committee of SKS-SKDUN Hungary in 2008. In June of 2008 she received an official sports trainer license from the Hungarian National Department of Sports in Miskolc. In September of the same year she started her own karate division in Andornaktalya. Since the starting of the division she has 25-30 students. In August of 2010 she received the annual achievement award of SKS-SKDUN for her activities and the growth of her club. In the August of 2010 she received her 2nd dan. In 2011 she was elected into the Presidency Board of SKS-SKDUN. In 2012 she successfully graduated from the 2 year instructor course under the instruction of sensei Ferenc Juhasz.

In August 2013 she received her 3rd Dan and in July 2018 her 4th dan.

She currently has a class “C” referee qualification.

In her civil life she is the head and owner of her family printing business. Her main duties are communication with clients, financial tasks and organizational duties.

She is married with 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren (boys).