19th Legend Open

Scott Langley sensei @ Plymouth Karate-Do
Open Belgium Cup 2019
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19th Legend Open

16/03/2019 @ 09:00 – 20:30 Europe/London Timezone
Bracknell Leisure Centre
19th Legend Open @ Bracknell Leisure Centre



  1. kostas says:

    Dear sir or madam can someone register for the championships independently or has to be a member of your organization?

    • Georgina Putt says:

      For the Legend Open championships we accept individual entries from any shotokan practitioner in the UK. International entries are on invitation only.

  2. Daniel rose says:

    Hi, we are a local karate club based in bracknell and would like to take part, however we have not entered before and after reading your rule book had a few questions. With the referees choice of kata, does the competitor choose from any of the list or is the same kata given to all students? For younger children e. G 9 year olds, 3rd kyu and above, are they also expected to know all of the advanced katas from the advanced grade compulsory choices?
    Kind regards, Daniel Rose. Silwood Park karate

    • Georgina Putt says:

      Hi Daniel sensei,
      I think I have answered this question, but just for clarification, the referee’s choice (compulsory kata) is selected based on the competitor’s grade. The elimination rounds are judged by point system, two competitiors at the time (not being judged against each other, but each kata is judged on its own merit). Both competitors do the same kata which will given according to the lower grade of the two competitors e.g. red belt will not be asked to do Heian Nidan.
      For the 3rd kyu and above, in this competition we deviate from the main Rule book and all eliminations rounds are only Heian 1-5 and Tekki shodan.
      Kind regards,
      Georgina (on behalf of the Chief referee)

  3. Daniel Rose says:

    Hi, please could you let me know how many Katas children are required to know of for those categories. Please could you also let me know whether a kata is selected from the list of 6 or so katas in each round by the contestant or by the judges and when this decision is revealed. We are new to this competition but would like to enter our club, kind regards, Daniel

    • Georgina Putt says:

      Hi Daniel sensei,
      The elimination rounds kata will be given to the competitors when they enter the Shiai-jo (tatami). It will be selected based on the lower grade competitor out of the two competing at the same time. The elimination kata will be Heian 1-5 and Tekki shodan. The choice kata (Tokui kata) selected by the competitor should reflect their grade and age.
      Looking forward to seeing you in Bracknell!
      Kind regards,
      Georgina (on behalf of the Chief referee)

  4. Terry Tozer says:

    How may I buy tickets for the event please? Many thanks

    • Georgina Putt says:

      Hello Terry,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Tickets for visitors can be bought on the day for £5 per person. We offer an option to purchase tickets/wristbands in advance for supporters and parents coming with their team. The team managers who book well in advance will receive the wristbands for their team including visitors by post so they can get through the door on the day quicker. The team manager is responsible for distributing the wristbands to their team/visitors. All we ask for is an email with the number of entry wristbands required, postal address; and payment to be made to the same account as the team entries. I’m sure we can do that for individual visitors as well if booked in advance.
      Please, let me know if it is something you would want to do.

      Kind regards,
      On behalf of the Organising committee

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