Dimitry Yakovlev

Dimitry Yakovlev

Board member, Country director for Russia, Young technical committee member

Dimitry Yakovlev

Born: 1979 Moscow region, Russia


2005 – Masters degree in English Philology

2015 – Masters degree in Sports Science

2016 – 5th Dan (WBF Hachi-O-Kai, T. Okuyama)

Budo background

Started learning karate in 1993. After NAVY service studied under WSKF (Hitoshi Kasuya).

Since 2003 joined World Budo Federation Hachi-O-Kai under Kancho Takemasa Okuyama, being his personal assistant in Russia.

Had all Dan tests in this Organization since 2005.

Studied under H. Shirai, H. Kasuya, I. Jorga, M. Kawasoe, C. Putt, A. Patru and many others.

Personal Achievements:

2007-2017 Russia – 12 times All-Russian Champion Kata and Kumite

2008 Subbotica, Serbia - First Russian Hachi-O-Kai world Champion in Kumite (Vice-Champion in Kata)

2010-2019 Riga, Latvia – 11 times European Champion World Karate-Jitsu Federation (WKJF) Kata and Kumite

2019 Karlovy Vary – SKDUN World Champion both Kata and Kumite

Professional experience

2007-2016 – Board Member of Russian Association of Karate-Do Shotokan

2013-present – Head Coach Team Russia (SKDUN)

2014-present – Country Director SKDUN Russia

2016-present – Vice President of Russian Association of Karate-Do Shotokan

2018-present – Board Member of Shotokan Karate Do of United Nations

2018-present – Member of Young Technical Committee (SKDUN)