Cultural Program Offer for SKDUN EU Shotokan Karate Championships 2017 – Serbia

7th SKDUN European Shotokan Karate Championship & Kohai Cup
Invitation to 26th SKDUN World Shotokan Karate Championship & 11th SKDUN World Kohai Cup
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Cultural Program Offer for SKDUN EU Shotokan Karate Championships 2017 – Serbia




Dear Visitor,

Bellow is a sightseeing program of Subotica and environment. I am sure that you will be amazed by “old lady Subotica”.


The City of Subotica is located in the north of the Republic of Serbia, along with the main European corridors and between two rivers: the Danube and the Tisa. Rich cultural heritage assets, lavishly decorated buildings, multicultural spirit and European charm – these are the features that make this city distinctive. Subotica is known for its relaxed atmosphere, good food and quality wines.


Our tour will be started at City Hall. It was built between 1908 and 1912. The decorative features of Art Nouveau are enriched with a romantic nuance of the Hungarian folklore. The entrance to inside is 120 dinar/person (ca. 1 euro). After City Hall we will walk in the centre and visit the most important and beautiful buildings of Subotica:


  • Synagogue: It was built in 1902, it is one of the finest surviving pieces of religious architecture in the Art Nouveau style in Europe;
  • Raichel Palace: Built in 1904 by the architect Ferenc Raichle to be his home and his design studio. Expensive materials, the unusual combination of colours, the vibrancy of forms, the lavish interior and the backyard make this sumptuous house an exceptional example of the Art Nouveau architecture;
  • The National Theatre: The third oldest theatre of former Hungary. The National Theatre fosters cultural identity of all national communities in Subotica and it is a unique theatre in our country because it has two ensembles: one that plays in Serbian and the other that plays in the Hungarian language;
  • Cathedral: It was built in 1779 in late baroque style and is dedicated to the patron saint of Subotica, St. Theresa of Avila, whose figure appears in the city’s coat-of-arms as well;
  • Franciscan Church: This Church dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel was built in 1736, on the ruins of the medival fotress from the 15th century;
  • Serb Orthodox Church: The baroque Church was built in 1726, on the highest part of the old city. In 1910, the new tower and the new iconostasis were added.

  After sightseeing, you will have a free time for a coffee break in the most beautiful cafes in town “Boss”. Then go to the Palic lake!

 Lake, luxurious parks, eccentric buildings from the early 20th century, an unusual peace and quiet make Palic ideal place to rest. Palic, lake and settlement of the same name, is located 8 km from Subotica. Secrecy of its landscape has always been locked deep in the heart of visitors. We will visit the most important buildings around the lake, like Grand Terrace, Water Tower and Owl Castle! After walking tour, we will come to the end of our programme.


The price of the conducted tour/group (15 persons): 9.300 RSD (Serbian dinar) or 75 EURO.

Recommendation for lunch:


The city tour will surely make you hungry! But I have a great offer for you, in which you will nourish stomachs and experience the best flavours of the region! The gastronomy of Subotica and its region is well-known for its versatile offer, which is a mixture of different cultures and tradition. Hence, the dishes served here have their origins in the German, Turkish, Hungarian, Montenegrian, Bosnian and other cuisine and provide an excellent base for preparing the delicious specialities of the region.


So, I offer you lunch at Majkin Salas, Palic (Mothers Farm, Palic).


Menu 1:

Chicken ragout soup;
Breaded chicken breast on mothers way
(chicken breast with sesame and eggs) + baked potato;
Mixed seasonal salad
Cake (Roll) with poppy seeds

Price per person: 860 RSD (ca. 8 euro)

Menu 2:

 Soup with ball of dough;
Roasted turkey drumstick from farmer furnace + potato
Mixed seasonal salad
Dough balls with jam

Price per person: 810 RSD (ca. 7 euro)


Prices would be the following per person


FOR 1 PERSON Sightseeing
15 EURO per person




For more information feel free to contact:

Milan Copic


[email protected]






Milan Copic

[email protected]



List of hotels with their capacity and SKDUN discounted prices (these prices are only guaranteed if accommodation is booked between 1 February and 15 April 2017):


Hotel Galleria *****

Street: Matije Korvina 17

62 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Hotel Patria ****

Street: Djure Djakovica 1a

45 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Hotel Prezident (Palic) ****

Street: Olge Penavin 2

42 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Hotel Park (Palic) ****

Street: Park Heroja 15

36 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Hotel Jezero (Palic) ****

Street: Park Heroja 15

36 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Vila Modena

Street: Vladimira Majakovskog 24

25 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Motel Aleksander

Street: Segedinski put 86

25 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)
Students hostel

Street: Harambasiceva 22

20 Euro per person per night (breakfast & dinner)

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