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Kato sensei in memoriam

It is with great sadness that the SKDUN have to report to its members the passing of Sadashige Kato sensei. Kato sensei was a guardian of the Budo way of Shotokan karate, he was an inspiration to many karate-ka and a mentor to senior grades. He was a good friend to the SKDUN and his passing will be a huge loss to the world of Shotokan karate. Our condolences go out to his family and all IJKA members worldwide.


  1. John A Last says:

    An inspirational teacher. The finest personally, due to his clarity of true karate. The dojo atmosphere was ” special” in his presence because you knew you were learning authentic karate and he imparted his depth of knowledge without any semblance of egocentricity, despite his obvious ability.

    A privilege to have known him.

  2. Sonia panczyszyn says:

    I’m so proud to have been a student of sensei kato A much respected master

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